Bronze is a kind of metal widely used in ancient and mordern handcraft art. The discovery of bronze is a combination of copper and tin, which is a major advancement in metallurgy in the Bronze Age. Bronze is a stronger material than stone and copper's predecessors, and can produce more durable weapons, armor, art media, and luxury goods.

Chinese Bronzes also called Chinese ancient green bronze ware, Chinese bronzes, or Chinese Bronze sculptures, has a very long history. They are well received all over the world, some of the master pieces are exhibited in many nation museums.In the subsequent Zhou Dynasty, bronze became the universal currency. During the Warring States Period, from the 5th century BC to 221 BC, Chinese coins appeared in the form of three main types of bronzes. The lost wax method is used in all other Bronze Age cultures. provides the bronze handcraft artware with ancient manufacturing method. Feel free to buy a unique bronze ware for you home and office.

Chinese Bronze Double Rhino Zun Pot

26 cm High Antique Chinese Cast Bronze Double Rhinoceros Zun Pot Wine Vessel.

Jin Hou Niao Zun Bronze Bird Sculpture Ancient Chinese Style

Western Zhou Dynasty Bronze Vessels Jinhou Feng-Niao Zun Ritual Wine Vessel for home decoration, handmade bronze crafts.

Zilong Ding Vessel Bronze Vessel in Shang Dynasty Style

The vessel, with the inscription "Zilong", is the largest of its kind from the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 B.C.) ever discovered.

Ancient Chinese Green Bronze Jue Wine Vessel in Warring State and Han Dynasty

Customized Warring States Period Green Bronze Jue Cup, Father Xin Jue, Beast Face Pattern Jue, Bronze sculpture.

Sanxingdui Doom Head Bronze Statues Portrait

The head of a bronze man is a cultural relic unearthed in Sanxingdui, dating from the mid-Shang Dynasty. The heads of these people are ordinary people, as well as people wearing gold masks.

Bronze Goose-fish Lamp Ancient Chinese Bronze Decoration

Bronze Goose-fish Lamp is the ancient Chinese bronze lamp with the style of wild goose carrying a fish, was made with western Han 206 BC to 24 AD style.

30cm Oriental Style Double Dragon Ear Bronze Vessel

30cm Oriental Style Double Dragon Ear Bronze Vessel was popular in early Tang dynasty.

280 cm Chinese Bronze Garlic Head Bottle In Western Han Style

The bronze garlic bottle first started in the Shang and Zhou dynasties as a vessel for holding wine. There are many bronze wine vessels from the Central Plains.

Chinese Bronze Double Phoenix Drinking Vessel Jar

27cm high Chinese bronze double Phoenix drinking vessel jar, buy Chinese bronze ware from

Chinese Bronze Yu Zun in Shang Dynasty

Chinese Bronze Yu Zun was used to sacrifice in the late Shang Dynasty, It has bell mouth, high circle feet, shaped like a goblet.


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